Righting moment
Thanks to its canting T-foil, the boat can be sailed with significant righting moment (even with no trapezes). The possibility to cant the foil to approx. 45degrees allows more righting moment (power) than wide multihulls .

With its double rudder concept, NTFM SYRA offers the option to sail with rudder differential . Setting the windward rudder to a more negative rake will add extra righting moment. High speeds will be achieved.

Dynamic canting system
The dynamic adjustment on the main foil will allow very efficient sailing while foiling. For example, if a gust hits: no need to ease the sails and lose power. The action of adding more cant to the main foil will ensure stable riding and acceleration.
Trimming the foil cant offers also the possibility to trim the boat optimally upwind and downwind in all wind conditions.

Wand system
For the flight height regulation, NTFM SYRA will use a proved mechanical wand system.

With its innovative hybrid monohull shape, the aerodynamics are considerably optimized compared to multihulls. And with the decksweeper mainsail, NTFM SYRA has low drag and great efficiency.

Foil and tips shape
NTFM SYRA uses the latest technology for foil design. And with changeable foil tips of different sizes, it can be optimised for a wide range of conditions.

Having only one foil is a big advantage in tacks and gybes. No difficult foil transfer like multihulls in manoueuvers. There will be only one action on the foil canting system for foil gybing and tacking! The mainsheet location will be just behind the decksweeper, so the helmsman can cross the boat very easely. The crew will cross the boat without pain in front of the mast. A curved traveller rail will allow an easy trimm of the mainsail. And with the self tacking code 0, the crew can concentrate on the foil canting in manoeuvers. It is also possible to furl the code 0 for sailing alone or in high winds!