It’s time to tell you what’s new with #SYRA18!

If you missed our Facebook news last Week, here it is !

Missing parts and winter will keep us ashore next few weeks but we will use this time to fine tune some design details in collaboration with VMG Yacht Design.

November will also be busy time with some pitch opportunities like the ECAL “innovation by Design Challenge” prize giving.

We also have some cool events in collaboration with our Main partner “PUBLIAZ GERANCE & COURTAGE SA” in the near future. You will find out about it very soon because we want you to stay in touch!

SYRA by PUBLIAZ GERANCE & COURTAGE SA has been sailing on Lake Leman the past few weeks. Our aim is to develop and make the boat reliable for anyone interested in the future.

A great advantage of the lake is that you find a lot of different wind and sea state conditions. Our background in boat development helps us to establish priorities, and behavior-reliability, as the two first steps. Performance and maneuvers come later, being the easy part!

Talking about performance, we are extremely pleased to see her sailing fast, reaching 25 knots and sailing upwind at 19 knots without even concentrating on speed. We see a lot of potential in the boat, but before that, let’s make her a boat that anyone can access. Speed and trapeze worry you? But in the meantime, you want to enjoy the feeling of foiling?

Like jumping on Valentino Rossi’s bike, you don’t need to go full throttle to enjoy the feeling of the high-performance bike! But experience and time will allow you to push it to the boundaries and sail her in windy conditions.

For all those reasons, we went out on a very bumpy day last week and it was awesome!! Unfortunately, at the end of the session, we broke the rudder and need to debrief the situation to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Consequences are such that we cannot sail her before the end of the year, at least not here in Switzerland where the weather will not cooperate.

It’s part of the development and we will make sure that the boat comes out on the market without the issues such a machine can face only a few weeks after the launch.

We hope you understand and we will keep everyone updated in the near future. We will take this opportunity to feed you with some inside videos and close-ups of the boat. VMG Yacht Design have been a great support throughout.

Stay in touch!